August 2016

Junction Dance have publicised an introduction to LocoMotion, a community dance project and performance that explores the importance of the railways to Reading inspired by the museum’s exhibition, On Track: Reading’s Railways, Past, Present and FutureThe overall concept was conceived by Junction Dance, Jennifer and Reading Museum and will be further guided by Jennifer. She will be advising on the process and presentation of LocoMotion at Reading Museum in association with Junction Dance during September – November 2016.

The piece explores questions such as how have these connections affected Reading as a place? And how do the people of Reading connect with each other?

For more details, please follow the link; LocoMotion

July 2016

Jennifer has been behind the scenes and making headway on developing a new, professional touring dance company based in Reading. Please watch this space for more updates and details!

She has also been working towards her confirmation of registration at University of Reading as a PhD candidate. Jennifer has plans to transfer to C-DaRE, Coventry University in the new academic year.

April 2016

On 14th April, Jennifer co-designed, co-organised and co-hosted the JAM 2016 conference at University of Reading in which 20 postgraduate students and academics from all across the globe delivered paper presentations on the theme of Media and Performance Across Platforms. The conference was opened by Ghislaine Boddington, body>data>space and ResCen, Middlesex University London and closed by Professor Michael Chanan, University of Roehampton. As part of the conference, she delivered a paper presentation, How Does Presence and Liveness Interact with the Digital?, on her recent observation of Empathy by Neon Dance as part of her Choreographers Observership with One Dance UK.

Jennifer has been chosen to co-design and advise on a dance in museums project in conjunction with Junction Dance and Reading Museum as part of Reading 2016: Year of Culture in November.

January 2016

It has been a busy Christmas period for Jennifer.

She has been successful in her interview for the post of part-time, Teacher of Dance (KS3 & GCSE) at Gillotts School, Henley-on-Thames and will be joining the team after February half term for a period of 5 months. Jennifer will be continuing her doctoral research during this time.

Jennifer was chosen to lead a workshop as part of the professional intensive organised by Junction Dance at St. Bart’s Theatre. Reading. She will be leading a workshop for dance professionals in the area on Dance as Social Transformation: Somatic Practice & Social Choreography on 17th January.

Jennifer has secured Ghislaine Boddington from body>data>space as a keynote speaker for Journeys Across Media 2016, the postgraduate conference by the Department of Film, Theatre & Television at University of Reading on 14th April.

We Migrate by Ajos Dance, a piece that Jennifer provided the overall choreographic concept for, got some positive and encouraging feedback from its’ audience as part of JUMP at St. Bart’s Theatre on 12th December. To watch the performance, click here.

November 2015

Jennifer has been selected by a panel of industry professionals to take part in Dance UK’s Choreographers Observership Programme 2015 – 2016 in partnership with English National Ballet. The programme provides fourteen choreographers with awards to observe a choreographer of their choice in order to foster peer-to-peer learning, broker and build relationships between choreographers and provide an opportunity for choreographers to develop their craft. She will be observing Adrienne Hart, Neon Dance early 2016.

Please click the following link to read the press release by Dance UK: Fourteen Choreographers have been Selected for Dance UK’s Choreographers Observership Programme in Partnership with English National Ballet

Here is the article written by The Stage newspaper: Dance UK Selects 14 Choreographers for Observership Programme

We Migrate, Ajos Dance’s new piece choreographed by Jennifer, was performed at Museum of Oxford on 12th November in a fundraising event entitled Dancin’ for Syria. The piece aimed to reveal a human reality of migration as an alternative to government and media agendas. The dancers’ presented their personal responses to migration through movement and text which enfolded into a live exploration of the dancers’ cultural identities and their relationship to the space that they were inhabiting. We Migrate will also be showcased at St. Bart’s Theatre, Reading on 12th December.


October 2015

Jennifer is the Lead Choreographer for Ajos Dance’s new performance project on dance for positive social change. For this project, she will be working in collaboration with post-graduate students from the Sonic Art Research Unit at Oxford Brookes University.

Jennifer will also be a Guest Lecturer at The Cornerstone Festival at Liverpool Hope University in November. She will be delivering a workshop based on somatic practice, social choreography and site-specific performance to second year undergraduate students.

September 2015

Jennifer will be a Guest Lecturer at University of Lincoln and will be sharing her current PhD research with students on the MA Choreography course at the end of the month.

In this 3 hour workshop, students will take part in a facilitative dance workshop that draws upon the non-hierarchical somatic movement techniques of yoga, tai chi, release and contact improvisation to not only transform the individual but to also, transform the collective group in a quest to find togetherness. From the physical exploration of contact improvisation, students will move onto the exploration of everyday movement and the unpacking of habitus within various environments in everyday life. From here, students will be encouraged to let go their unwanted habitus, behaviour and/or social interaction and find methods of communication that better fit their inner values when interacting with others. Towards the end of the workshop, students will be asked if they can identify what space and/or political landscape their unwanted habitus came from so that a common space can be identified for them to practice their new methods of communication and experiment with their own creative practices after this workshop.

July 2015

Chapel Gallery, Ormskirk have been successful in their Arts Council England funding application and are now working towards a community procession and performance through the streets of Parbold. As a Choreographer, Jennifer will be working with a creative writer who will develop a myth with the community centred around Parbold Hill (a local landmark) and a visual artist who will create the aesthetic (props etc.) in order to choreograph the community through the streets and end in a staged performance which aims to bring Parbold alive.

The film of the Story-making and the Embodied Space workshop at The Story Museum, Oxford is now finished and available to view online. In the workshop, 5 professional dance artists and 1 associate researcher embodied the history of the site from 1271 to the present day through movement, sound and text. The workshop ended in a group improvisation that created layers of history colliding together in the same space and time. You can find the film by Lucie Sheppard here: Story-making and the Embodied Space

May 2015

Upon researching the internet, Jennifer has found two write ups, a press release and an Arts Award film which documents the Belle Vue Heritage project that took place at St. Richard’s RC Primary School as part of the English Heritage, Heritage Schools Programme during 2013 – 2014. Jennifer was the Dance Practitioner who worked with Year 5 at the school to recreate a modern day version of the dancing that took place at Belle Vue throughout the decades.

For the press release, please click on: St. Richard’s RC Primary School write up

For the Arts Award film, please click on: Curious Minds write up

Her work features at 0:15 – 0:19 and  1:49 – 2:18 mins in the Arts Award film.

Jennifer also took part in this month’s Gender & Sexuality Research Network meeting at University of Reading and a blog of her Masters and post Masters R&D videos have been added to their website. Click on the following link to view the blog; The Androgynous Female Body: Video Clips

April 2015

It’s been a busy month for Jennifer which began with her invitation to meet with The Watermill Theatre, Newbury to network and discuss her practice. As a result, Jennifer has been put on the freelancing lists for Corn Exchange Newbury & New Greenham Arts and Oxfordshire Youth. She also has a meeting with the Cornerstone Arts Centre, Didcot in May about the possibility of becoming one of their Freelance Tutors.

Jennifer took part in an assessment to become a Skills Practitioner (Dance / Drama) for The Challenge, National Citizen Service and has been notified of her success. This Summer, she will be a leading dance / drama workshops over three days a week to a team of twelve young people. The team will then pass on their new skills to a local community group (youth clubs and homeless centres) which will result in a showcase performance at the end of the week.

Jennifer has also been writing a draft for the introduction / first chapter of her PhD thesis.

February 2015

Jennifer has been chosen to be an Experienced Dance Practitioner for ‘Fabulous Mr. Fox’. This exhibition at the Story Museum, Oxford explores the ways in which we appropriate and transform cultural heritage. Starting with the premise that 13th century Jewish Medieval scribe, Berechiah ha-Nakdan, who wrote a Hebrew version of Aesop’s famous fables, likely passed through Oxford around the time of writing, the museum is using one fable, the Fox and the Crow, to explore and create contemporary resonance of this ancient heritage. A series of interdisciplinary and multimedia workshops are being planned in association with TORCH (The Oxford Research Centre for the Humanities) and the Story Museum.

As part of this series, Jennifer will be delivering public dance workshops on site, open to all ages and abilities, that explore ways of engaging with the building’s history through movement. The embodied relationship to the space will be the focus of these workshops.

January 2015

Jennifer has successfully redirected her PhD research towards social choreography and will be writing her first chapter this Spring which will be a contextualisation of her practice within Community Dance.

December 2014

Almeida Theatre, London have invited Jennifer to visit them to discuss the possibility of working with them on some of their projects.

November 2014

Jennifer has been re-discovering her artistic practice  and using it as a springboard for reviewing literature within her area of research. Take a look at one of her first edits here; Re-discovering Practice

Swindon Dance have invited Jennifer to visit them after describing her CV as impressive.

Jennifer took part in a Games and Performance Masterclass with Blast Theory and created a prototype for Sloth Eyes, a collaborative video project / public artwork / relaxing exploration of an everyday space. You can find a first edit here; Sloth Eyes

Jennifer led a Dance for Camera: Dance Artist as Maker workshop at MK Gallery and has been invited back to work with them in the New Year.

September 2014

Jennifer played a party goer (walk-on 3) in the Hong Kong film, Triumph in the Skies.

Jennifer has been acknowledged by Trinity Laban Conservatoire of Music and Dance as a successful former student and has been asked to write a testimony for their International Student Guide.

Jennifer has started work as an Academic Mentor for the BA Theatre Arts, Education and Deaf Studies course at University of Reading.

August 2014

Jennifer observed Nutshell Dance Company’s Summer School for potential performers and/or collaborators for her practice as research PhD project.

July 2014

During June – July, Jennifer returned back to education & community and led three dance days; an Integrated Street Dance workshop with PMLD students at Bridgwater College, 2 days of Bugsy Malone Dance workshops at Debden Park High School, Essex and 2 days of Urban Zumba workshops at Whitmore High School, North West London.

Jennifer also became an Academic Mentor for the Disability Advisory Service at University of Reading.

June 2014

Jennifer will be piloting her Dance for Camera workshop at Milton Keynes Theatre in September with a view to embedding it into the formal learning programmes offered by the theatre and MK Gallery.

In July, she will be in talks with Nocturn Dance exploring the possibility for a collaborative project with OYAP Trust and Buckinghamshire New University which targets undergraduate dance students.

She will be also presenting “Journey to PhD” as a one to one video installation at Lumiere London in October.

May 2014

Jennifer is continuing to attend Dance Theatre (Pina Baucsh) class and has also started to attend Choreography/Improvisation  class where she includes the use of the camera in her improvisations.

Jennifer will be attending Nutshell Dance Company’s summer school and viewing potential candidates for her new dance collective which will be launched this autumn.

April 2014

Jennifer will be meeting with Milton Keynes Theatre and MK Gallery late May to discuss the potential for developing her Dance for Camera: Selfie Nation proposal into a collaborative, formal learning project.

She will also be meeting with OYAP Trust (Oxfordshire Youth Arts Partnership) in May to discuss the scope for delivering a dance and technology project at their youth arts centre.

Jennifer has started to attend Dance Theatre (Pina Bausch) class for professional dance artists at artsdepot, London.

March 2014

Jennifer has been recognised for encouraging women through dance and has been urged to sign up for The Positive Role Model for Gender award in this year’s National Diversity Awards.

The Belle Vue Dance project with English Heritage has been rescheduled for July 2014. The Belle Vue Dance project in partnership with St. Richards RC Primary School, Manchester and English Heritage aims to explore the history of Belle Vue Dance House through choreography and performance and the delivery of an Arts Award qualification.

Jennifer has accepted her offer at University of Reading and will be embarking on a PhD in Film, Theatre and Television in September 2014.

February 2014

Jennifer is continuing to prepare her funding applications.

Find her showreel for 2014 here which was used in her recent AHRC funding application; http://youtu.be/nf6AO7DHcWs

January 2014

Jennifer has been given an unconditional offer to study for a PhD in Film, Theatre and Television at University of Reading in September 2014.

Jennifer has been preparing two funding applications; University of  Reading Research Studentship in Arts and Humanities and South, West and Wales (AHRC) Doctoral Training Partnership Studentship.

December 2013

Jennifer has expanded her PhD enquiries to Goldsmiths University of London, University of Kent,  University of Westminister and University of Surrey.

Jennifer has also advised Alicia Clarke in the making of Nutshell Dance’s trailer for their new work, Retrospective.

November 2013

Jennifer has been adapting and expanding upon <ID_anc(E)> in her PhD research proposals to University of Reading and Brunel University.

MK Gallery have also set a date to discuss the potential for implementing <ID_anc(E)> and/or dance for camera into their learning programme for 2014. Jennifer will be delivering an open Dance for Camera workshop at MOTUS, Milton Keynes Dance Festival in Summer 2014 which will result in a video installation presentation at MK Gallery.

October 2013

On making enquiries to various universities about the potential for PhD study,  Jennifer has been invited to University of Reading to discuss her PhD proposal ideas with a potential supervisor.  Professor Johannes Birringer of Brunel University has also shown  interest in her work and has offered her advice.

September 2013

penny&jules dance have released a showreel of their work, #Factory, which was premiered in February 2013 at Resolution! 2013, The Place London. It features Jennifer’s video projection in collaboration with the company. Some photographs used in the video projection were taken by Francis Western-Smith.

Find it here;

penny&jules dance – #Factory (Live Recording)

<ID_anc(E)> has captured the attention of MK Gallery and discussions about including <ID_anc(E)> in their educational programmes  for 2014 are now taking place. Jennifer has also been invited to be part of the programme for  MOTUS, Milton Keynes Dance Festival in Summer 2014.

Jennifer has also accepted as an Academic Writer at Global Writers Ltd. – Academic Writers Online and completes scholarly and creative articles in performing arts, visual arts and education to college, undergraduate and Masters standard.  She intends to use her writing practice to support her in her future career aspirations as a PhD Student and Academic.

August 2013

Jennifer has been asked to produce four initial images for the Old Weather project; http://www.oldweather.org/. If one of her images is chosen as the final, it will be reproduced and given to all 18,000 participants who transcribed the historical data during the project.


June – July 2013

Jennifer has returned back to complete the second stage of her dancedigital R&D in which her existing material is being developed for live performance. Discussions are taking place about the immersive environment as well as the function of her interactive video projections. Watch this space for a snippet of the live material as it progresses.

Lyndsey Harding

Jennifer has been shortlisted for the MPhil/PhD in Expressive Performance Through Technology where she drew upon her work on <ID_anc(E)> in her PhD research proposal. She plans to develop and expand upon <ID_anc(E)> in her future applications for other MPhil/PhD programmes.

April 2013

Jennifer has just completed the initial research stage of her dancedigital R&D with fantastic feedback that can be found on the Reviews section of this website.

For now, here is the second version of Kirsty Lee Russell’s artistic contribution.  Please click on her name below to view the video. You can find more stills of Jennifer’s DanceDigital R&D including Lyndsey Harding contribution in the Gallery section of this website.

Kirsty Lee Russell

Jennifer has also been accepted by Commission an Artist to respond to commissioning briefs and create bespoke artwork for corporate clients (PR agents, media companies, magazines, book Illustrators, record sleeve designers and private clients). Artists accepted have to be of an excellent standard, have relevant experience, and expertise within the art world. To view her Commission an Artist page  for more details including how to book her, please visit; http://commissionanartist.co.uk/contemporary-artists/jennifer-christine-stokes/


February 2013

Since November 2012, Jennifer has performed in Feral by Jordan McKenzie which was commissioned by Vitrine Gallery Bermondsey (December 2012) and premièred her video projection for penny & jules dance’s, #Factory, at The Place London as part of Resolution 2013 on 2nd February 2013.

More recently, she been offered a place on Close and Remote’s Smart City Lab where she will be explore smart technologies and their creative application and experiment with pilot projects in a supported environment between 4th – 9th March 2013. It is anticipated that she will use her technical development within her creative process for her new digital dance work with dancedigital.


November 2012

Jennifer has been appointed as a Catalyst Artist of  dancedigital and will be working with the organisation in partnership with University of Bedfordshire on the development of a new digital dance work. She will be presenting her new work at an international digital dance festival hosted by the University of Bedfordshire early 2014.

She will be sharing the highlights of her creative process in 2013. Keep checking this page for updates on the development of her new digital dance work.