Artistic Partnerships

St. Bart’s Theatre, Reading

Michael Johnson

“I have had several conversations with Jennifer about her topic. She is articulate and highly effective in opening up the concepts and themes of her research to draw others in. I have read an overview of her topic and find it expresses many of Jennifer’s own interests and personal enquiries. I have also observed how easily she connects her research to issues and opportunities around the communities in which she lives and works.

[Jennifer] does not seem to be restricted by conventions, thriving on new ideas and new approaches. Somatic practice has been a keen interest of hers and a regular theme in discussing her practice. The particular project we planned at my venue, which was not originally designed for performance, had an intention to explore the way participants respond to the environment offered by the site. She has also been chosen to direct a programme for Junction Dance with the Reading Dance Professionals Network (RDPN) in November 2016. Jennifer demonstrated her ability to take full responsibility for the research project at my venue. And for the RDPN project, she has been working closely with a Dramaturg to develop a team of co-collaborators.”


Cross-Disciplinary Work


Professor Anna McMullan, Director of Research for Film, Theatre & Television, University of Reading

“The overall concept of using dance in combination with digital technologies in order to explore identities in both an individual and social/community context is very exciting.”

dancedigital R&D (Initial & Second Research Stages), #Factory by penny&jules dance and ID=Y?  

Professor Anna McMullan, Director of Research for Film, Theatre & Television, University of Reading  
“What is particularly exciting is [her] cross-disciplinary work, using film, live camera, spoken words, and digital technologies to layer and mediate the dance work, and perceptions of the dancer’s body and (gendered) identity.”


Dance Education (Delivery)

MK Gallery

Hannah Gaunt, Formal Learning Manager
” Jennifer was great, we worked with her on a short schools based dance project which she delivered in a professional manner. She seemed to have a great rapport with the young people taking part, and a good understanding of dance education delivery. She was punctual, and efficient in the planning and delivery of the programme, and also went the extra mile to ensure the school received copies of edited work to a tight deadline. I would happily recommend her as a practitioner.” 


Digital Art (Work Ethic)

Commission an Artist

Helen Johnson, Creative Director, Commission an Artist
“Whenever I have contacted [Jennifer] to carry out commissions, she has always responded quickly and in a very pleasant manner. She liaises excellently with our clients and I have absolutely no worries once I have put her into contact with a client. She is very original in her thoughts and communication.

She can take a commission from a project brief, and liaise with the client as to the best way of carrying out their task. Please bear in mind that the ‘brief’ is usually very vague and Jennifer can dig deeper to find out exactly what the client wants. I have had some excellent feedback from her work with our clients.

Whilst working with Jennifer, I have witnessed no weaknesses in her work and both our clients and [the company] are very happy with her skills and very pleasant manner. In particular, her strengths are in communicating with clients and the team, working as part of a team, speaking up when she needs to, and asking for help when appropriate. She is a very trustworthy individual who gets the job done and I would trust her with any of my clients.”


Teaching/Workshop Leading

Ambassador Theatre Group

Year 10 GCSE Dance: Chicago Workshop

Roundwood Park School, Harpenden, Hertfordshire

March 2012

Student Perspectives
 ”I liked that you got the chance to dance a real West End choreography and that you were completely involved.”
 ”It was really fun and the moves were taught so well so we knew what to do.”
 ”I learnt about a new style of music and dance” 


KS3 & AS Level Dance: Stomp Workshop,

Roundwood Park School, Harpenden, Hertfordshire

March 2012

  Student Perspectives
“It was well structured but still a challenge so you kept concentration.”
“Well prepared – friendly and talented teacher.” 
“It was very different and exciting” 
“It was really different to how I had ever danced before and I though Jenni was a really good teacher.” 
“I enjoyed the part where you were allowed to choreograph a sequence with a partner.” 
“It was imaginative and more unique than other dance shows.” 
“[I learnt that] dance can be formed in many different ways.” 
“[I learnt about] polyrhythms and body percussion.” 
“[I learnt that] you can make sound through dance.” 
“[I learnt ] how to use fast eights and slow eights in my performance and how to keep a beat.” 

  Teacher’s Feedback
Was the workshop what you had hoped for?
Yes. It was more – totally excellent.

What did you enjoy most about the workshop?
Watching what our girls produced, the fun that they had throughout and how hard they worked.

What could we change for future workshops to make the experience even better?
Nothing. Really enjoyed hosting Jenni and Zoe who were excellent throughout and a credit to ATG.


Video Work

Kirsty Lee Russell

(DanceDigital R&D: Initial Research Stage)

March – April 2013

Tamara Ashley, dancedigital Artistic Director
”  [A] beautiful blend of animation, film and biography. I really enjoyed the theatrical convention of confession re-rendered like this.”

Marguerite Caruna Galizia, Independent Dance Artist, dancedigital Associate Artist and Pilates Matwork Teacher
“Wow! Great work so far. Looking forward to seeing how it progresses!” 

Jo Verrent, dancedigital Associate Artist and Clore Fellow
“  [I] love the movement and the effects – beautiful, can’t wait to see more…”


Lyndsey Harding

(DanceDigital R&D: Initial Research Stage)

March – April 2013

Tamara Ashley, dancedigital Artistic Director
“The opening is contemplative and brooding…would be very effective on stage. The second section with the virtual dancer is the most engaging and beautifully put together. I could watch more and would enjoy a deeper exploration of this…”

Hannah Birch, dancedigital Catalyst Artist
“I like the gestural intention at the beginning and the use of film were her self and virtual self slip in and out of states in space.”

Video Installation


Video Installation in Gents Changing Rooms

Trinity Laban Conservatoire of Music and Dance

October 2010

  Audience Perspectives
 ” I love the concept of gender confusion and with the present day society; I feel that this is a very interesting 
 topic that could not have been done maybe 50 years ago.” 

 ”I really like the way that the viewer is made to make up their minds up about the images. The images convey a 
 really strong feeling of the struggle to fit in. Great work.” 

 ”I feel the way this topic is approached is original and highly thought provoking. The subject matter is not 
 addressed openly enough in society and this presentation has done the project justice.” 

 ”Set up, interestingly coherent - the reflection of some images seen as a cirrus through the mirror…” 

 ”Really interesting topic, identity is something to approach in so many ways…I would have loved to have seen a 
 live performance as well to feel the intensity more.” 


Human & ID=Y?

Video Installation with Live Audience Participation in Studio Theatre

Rich Mix, London

January 2012 

  Critics Feedback

“This turned into what I thought was a very interesting discussion and not quite what I expected. I liked the idea of us standing around…but the discussion showed the potential that lies in what is a fascinating idea.”